Kull 4 navn

Kullet er kalt opp etter engelske ord og uttrykk, eller idioms.

Waternuts Eager Beaver “Todd”
Betydningen av Eager Beaver;  The term eager beaver refers to a person who is hardworking and enthusiastic, sometimes considered overzealous.

Waternuts Hold Your Horses “Toker”
Betydningen av Hold Your Horses;  If you tell someone to hold their horses, you think they are doing something too fast and should slow down and not rush into further action.
Waternuts High And Mighty ”Pete”
Betydningen av High And Mighty;  Someone who is high and mighty behaves in a haughty manner, as if they were superior to others.

Waternuts Happy Go Lucky ”Lykka”
Betydningen av Happy Go Lucky;  If you are a happy-go-lucky person, you are cheerful and carefree all the time.